Each year Project FAIR is able to increase the number of clients we serve. Some of this has been because of the increased needs for our services due to the economic recession but most is due to word-of-mouth and being in the middle of the action every day. Many clients we serve are successful at their hearings and return back to us prior to any subsequent fair hearings.


▪  are able to maintain a core group of trained, dedicated volunteers who staff the Help Desk year-round with the exception of federal and court holidays

▪  have assisted over 21,000 individuals with information in the Fair Hearing process

▪  have provided fair hearing related trainings for hundreds of Citywide constituents, staff at community-based organizations, attorneys and paralegals at legal services organizations and area law school students

▪  have established and are continuing to build relationships with legal services organizations and area law schools

▪  have participated in Citywide conferences about topics and issues that impact the clients we serve

▪  have, in collaboration with the Urban Justice Center’s Mental Health Project, sponsored a successful roundtable discussion, Mental Health Rights: A Dialogue on Access and Barriers to Public Benefits

▪  are informing the public about changes in the law and litigation in benefits related class-action lawsuits


“Project FAIR helped me so much when I was here before and I won my hearing so I had to come back to see if they could help me again”.  – Project FAIR Constituent